11 Amazing Wheelbarrow Repurposing Ideas

If you have an old wheelbarrow around your house, don’t throw it away. There are many great things that you can do with it!

In this article I’m going to show you some amazing ways to repurpose an old wheelbarrow into something new and useful. Be ready to spruce up your space because the following ideas are truly inspiring!

 1   Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden
Source: The Seasonal Home

 2   Wheelbarrow Garden Fountain

Wheelbarrow Garden Fountain

Source: Mother Earth Living


 3   Portable Fire Pit

Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

Source: My House My Home


 4   Wheelbarrow Chair

Wheelbarrow Chair

Source: Peredelka


 5   Drink Cooler

Drink Cooler

Source: Rustic Wedding Chic

 6   Wheelbarrow Rain Catcher

Wheelbarrow Rain Catcher

Source: Nine Red


 7   Wheelbarrow Address Sign

Wheelbarrow Address Sign

Source: DIY Inspired


 8   Sandbox out of a Wheelbarrow

Sandbox out of a Wheelbarrow

Source: Creative Star Learning


 9   Wheelbarrow Coffee Table

Wheelbarrow Coffee Table

Source: Funky Junk Interiors


 10   Wheelbarrow Bench

Wheelbarrow Bench

Source: Reddit


 11   Wheelbarrow Planter

wheelbarrow planter

Source: Garden Lovers Club

11 Amazing Wheelbarrow Repurposing Ideas

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