15 Clever Ways to Reduce Clutter and Organize Your Home

15 Clever Ways to Reduce Clutter and Organize Your Home

Do you have a problem with too much clutter? Looking for some help to finally get things under control? From stylish storage solutions to easy de-cluttering ideas, check out these amazing tips and tricks to organize your home quickly and efficiently.

1. Key Holder

Key Holder

Turn an old frame into a key holder – easy, simple and you’ll never lose your keys again.

Tutorial: Redfly Creations

2. Canned Food Organizer

Canned Food Organizer

Build a canned food organizer that slides between your refrigerator and the wall. What a great way to use underutilized space!

Tutorial: Classy Clutter

3. Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Install crown molding along the wall to hang heels on and keep them organized.

Tutorial: ShoeTease

4. Build a Window Seat with Storage

Build a Window Seat with Storage

A window seat adds valuable storage space that doubles as attractive seat.

Tutorial: Instructables

5. Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage

Turn ordinary wooden crates into cool bathroom storage on wheels to store all your bathroom essentials.

Tutorial: The Home Depot Blog

6. Staircase Drawers

Staircase Drawers

Make use of the space under the stairs by creating built in drawers.

Tutorial: Saving 4 Six

7. Hanger Jewelry Organizer

Hanger Jewelry Organizer

WIth an old coat hanger and some small hooks, you’ve got a quick and easy jewelry hanger.

Tutorial: Morning Creativity

8. Shelves Above Toilet

Shelves Above Toilet

Put that space behind the toilet to good use with this easy shelving idea!

Tutorial: Designed to Dwell

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