14 Brilliant Uses For Empty Baby Wipe Containers

Having a baby in the house means lots of baby wipes and a whole lotta empty boxes. Rather than just toss those boxes in the trash, you can turn them into many wonderful things such as organizers, decorations and toys. If you don’t think that’s possible, then check out these clever ideas on how to reuse baby wipe containers at home.

Art Supply Holder

1. Art Supply Holder from Sweet Shoppe Designs

Yarn Organizer

2. Yarn Organizer from Yet Another Mom Blog


Treasure Chest

3. Treasure Chests from The Princess Birthday Blog


Piggy Bank

4. Piggy Bank from Sunny Day Family


Baby Shower Gift Box

5. Baby Shower Gift Box from Pregnancy & Baby


Seedling Container

6. Seedling Container from Novice Life


Plastic Bag Holder

7. Plastic Grocery Bag Storage from The Teacher’s Wife

Peek-a-Boo Sensory Board

8. Peek-a-Boo Sensory Board from Motherhood And Other Adventures


Wipes Case Laptop

9. Wipes Case Laptop from She Wears Flowers


Car First Aid Kit

10. Car First Aid Kit from My Frugal Adventures


Chalkboard Storage Tubs

11. Chalkboard Storage Tubs from A Girl and Her Needle


Decorative Container

12. Decorative Container from Merriment Design


Lego Storage

13. Lego Storage from Party Flair Designs


Drawer Organizers

14. Drawer Organizers from Pinterest

So there you have it, 14 creative ways to reuse baby wipe containers. I truly hope that you’re able to utilize at least one of these great ideas.

14 Brilliant Uses For Empty Baby Wipe Containers

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