13 Spooky Halloween Yard Decor Ideas

13 Spooky Halloween Yard Decor Ideas

Forget the same store-bought decorations that everyone else has. This year make your own one-of-kind decorations that will make your house stand out from the rest of the homes on the block.

Making your own decorations is not only cost effective but enables you to customize and create items that can’t be found in any store. Here, we’ve put together a list of 13 Halloween yard decor ideas that you can do at home yourself! Whether your a DIY beginner or a seasoned professional there are projects for all skill levels.

Happy scaring!

1. Giant Squid Tentacles

 Giant Squid Tentacles

DIY instructions: Nerdy but Flirty


2. Ghost Leaf Bags

Ghost Leaf Bags

DIY instructions: Everyday Art


3. Pallet Pumpkin

Pallet Pumpkin

DIY instructions: The Curtis Casa


4. Floating Ghosts

Floating Ghosts

DIY instructions: Practically Functional



5. Eyeballs in a Tree

Eyeballs in a Tree

DIY instructions: The Princess and The Frog


6. Giant Trash Bag Spider

Trash Bag Spider

DIY instructions: Signs of Motherhood


7. Witch in a Cauldron

Witch in a Cauldron

DIY instructions: The TipToe Fairy


8. Spooky Lantern Sign Post

Spooky Lantern Sign Post

DIY instructions: Mom Endeavors


9. Cardboard Tombstones

Cardboard Tombstones

DIY instructions: eHow


10. Eye Yoga Ball

Eye Yoga Ball

DIY instructions: Cut Out + Keep


11. Create a Life-Size Outdoor Witch Statue

Outdoor Witch Decor

DIY instructions: BHG


12. Glass Shade Ghosts

Glass Shade Ghosts

DIY instructions: Craftiments


13. Gigantic Halloween Spider Web

Gigantic Halloween Spider Web

DIY instructions: Instructables



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