14 Brilliant DIY Workshop Storage & Organization Ideas

If you are wasting 20 minutes searching for tools, it’s time to organize your workshop. A clutter-free workshop promotes efficiency. You can save time preparing for your next DIY project when you know exactly where each tool is stored. We’ve rounded up some cheap and easy storage ideas to get your workshop organized and clutter free.

1. Drill Bit Storage Rack

Drill Bit Storage Rack

Use magnetic knife strip to keep screwdrivers and drill bits handy and organized. (Via BHG)

2. Dispenser for Tape

Dispenser for Tape

A few boards and a hacksaw blade are all you need to create a great dispenser for tape. (Full instructions: Popular Woodworking)

3. Pallet Shelf

Pallet Shelf

Organize your tools on an enhanced pallet shelf. (Full instructions: Funky Junk Interiors)

4. Screwdriver Rack

Screwdriver Rack

Free up some drawer space in your workbench by building this simple storage rack for screwdrivers. (Full instructions: Fresh Crush)

5. Create a Pegboard Organization Wall

Create a Pegboard Organization Wall

A pegboard is one of the simplest ways to change your workshop from a pile of tools into a clean and organized place for work. (Full instructions: Sawdust Girl)

6. Repurposed Hanging Shoe Rack

Repurposed Hanging Shoe Rack

Use an inexpensive shoe organizer to store spray paint – two cans fit perfectly in each pocket. (Via Hi Sugarplum)

7. Tool Caddy

Tool Caddy

This caddy lets you keep all of the tools that you use the most often close by. (Full instructions: Home Tree Atlas)

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