10 Awesome DIY Hanging Table Ideas

Attached to the ceiling and hung with a chain or rope, hanging tables are on trend right now. They take up no floor space and add character to a room. Plus, they’re easy to make and really adorable. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite DIY hanging table ideas to give some inspiration on updating your home.

 1   DIY Wood Slab Bedside Table

Wood Slab Bedside Table

Tutorial: The Merrythought

 2   Hanging Table out of Old Wooden Door

hanging garden table out of old wooden door

Tutorial: Busy Mom Help


 3   Paracord and Pulley Hanging Table

Paracord and Pulley Hanging Table

Tutorial: Instructables


 4   DIY Floating String Table

Floating String Table

Tutorial: Monsterscircus


 5   DIY Macrame Hanging Table

Macrame Hanging Table

Tutorial: Place of My Taste

 6   Outdoor Hanging Table

outdoor hanging table

Tutorial: The Home Depot Blog


 7   DIY Wood Slice Hanging Table

Wood Slice Hanging Table

Tutorial: Curver


 8   DIY Minimal Hanging Nightstand

Minimal Hanging Nightstand

Tutorial: The Sorry Girls


 9   Hanging Patio Table

Hanging Patio Table

Tutorial: Angela Marie Made


 10   Pallet Hanging Table

Pallet Hanging Table

Source: Pinterest

Which of these DIY hanging table ideas are you excited to try out? Let us know in the comments and be sure to share this post on your social media if you enjoyed it.

10 Awesome DIY Hanging Table Ideas

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