20 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouse Ideas

A greenhouse is a great addition to any garden, as it not only gives you the chance to grow a variety of plants all year round but also provides you with an attractive structure for your garden.

Building your own greenhouse from scratch allows you to do things your way. You can choose the material, type and size of the greenhouse, the kind of glazing you want to use and the number of doors and windows to install.

Below, we’ve gathered 20 DIY greenhouse ideas that can help you plan and build the perfect greenhouse for your yard or garden. Each of these projects is cheap, eco-friendly, and can be completed in a weekend.

Heavy-Duty Metal Frame Greenhouse

1. Heavy-Duty Metal Frame Greenhouse from Bootstrap Farmer


Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

2. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse from Dengarden


Old Window Greenhouse

3. Old Window Greenhouse from Garden Therapy


Cattle Panel Pallet Greenhouse

4. Cattle Panel Pallet Greenhouse from Peak Prosperity


Lean-to Greenhouse

5. Lean-to Greenhouse from Empress of Dirt


Retractable PVC Hoop House

6. Retractable PVC Hoop House from Grit

50 Dollar Greenhouse

7. 50 Dollar Greenhouse from The Door Garden


Budget Ventilated Hoop Greenhouse

8. Budget Ventilated Hoop Greenhouse from Backwoods Home


Windproof Hoop Greenhouse

9. Windproof Hoop Greenhouse from Natural Living Ideas


Geodome Greenhouse

10. Geodome Greenhouse from Northern Homestead


Flat Top Greenhouse

11. Flat Top Greenhouse from Wayne of the woods


Trampoline Frame Greenhouse

12. Trampoline Frame Greenhouse from How Does She


Barn-Style Greenhouse

13. Barn-Style Greenhouse from Ana White


Octagonal Greenhouse

14. Octagonal Greenhouse from Instructables


Tabletop Greenhouse

15. Tabletop Greenhouse from Dremel


Thrifty Greenhouse

16. Thrifty Greenhouse from ThinMan’s Blog


12’x30′ DIY PVC Greenhouse For $360

17. 12’x30′ DIY PVC Greenhouse from Lady Lee’s Home


The Fold Up Greenhouse

18. The Fold Up Greenhouse from Rockler


Simple and Sustainable DIY Bamboo Greenhouse

19. Simple and Sustainable DIY Bamboo Greenhouse from Premeditated Leftovers


greenhouse on wheels

20. Greenhouse on Wheels from Bunnings

20 Cheap and Easy DIY Greenhouse Ideas

What do you think about these greenhouse designs? Do you find them interesting? Which one do you like the most? I would love to know your opinion, so feel free to share your comment below.

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